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The appropriate application of search engine optimisation techniques will be instrumental in increasing the rankings of your business web pages in major search engines. SEO increases the visibility of your site, which is accompanied by an increase in web traffic and potential customers. SEO techniques will also increase your conversion rate since most of the search engine traffic you obtain will be from targeted keywords that are directly related to the content of your site.


search-engine-optimisationSearch Engine OptimisationThe eTraffic Web Marketing team of SEO experts will conduct a review or your website and thoroughly research your market niche in order to optimise the structure of your site in order to make it conducive to achieving favorable search engine rankings while simultaneously identifying the related keywords of interest. We will then design an SEO strategy that will include content creation, link building, and social media campaigns in order to increase the visibility of your site in major search engines and simultaneously increase the number of targeted visitors to your site. Know More
social-media-optimisationSocial Media MarketingBy making use of all of the major social media platforms, our social media marketing team will increase the visibility of your products, services and brand by engaging with potential customers that have an interest in your market niche. Social Media Marketing can increase the traffic to your site by getting traffic directly from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Digg, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. In addition, social media activity will improve your search engine optimisation efforts since it is a factor that search engine algorithms use in determining their rankings. Know More
search-engine-marketing-home Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing is designed to increase the visibility of your site on major search engines such as Google and Bing. Since search engines are frequently the first place a consumer will turn to when seeking information regarding a particular type of product or service, it will be beneficial to your business to be highly visible on Search Engines. Our SEM services are comprised of a combination of paid search, which are pay-per-click management services and increasing your site’s ranking in organic search engine results. For searches in your local community we also have Google Places page creation and optimisation, since your Google Places page will figure prominently in local search results. The goal of all of our SEM services is to drive highly targeted traffic to your business website. eTraffic Web Marketing has a group of talented SEM professionals who can enhance the visibility of your site on major search engines in order to drive visitors to your site that have an interest in your product and service offerings. Know More
reputation-management-home Reputation Management Reputation management is meant to minimize the damage to the reputation of an individual or business that occurs as the result of internet postings that are less than favorable. We limit the visibility of this unfavorable web content with the effective use of search engine optimisation and social media marketing. With reputation management we create favorable profiles on social media marketing platforms. We also create sites such as web 2.0 sites and create optimised content for these sites. We use link building and additional SEO techniques that improves the visibility of the favorable content while decreasing the visibility of the offending content. Know More
video-production-and-marketingVideo Production and MarketingVideo production and marketing is a cost effective means of online promotion that has excellent efficacy. By using video to enhance your online presence and visibility your business will be increasingly accessible by consumers and you will gain more search engine exposure as well. Videos have a much greater probability of ranking well in search engine results than text pages. In addition, video can improve the search engine rankings of your site. eTraffic Web Marketing can enhance the presence of your business on the web with carefully crafted and compelling videos that will bring more traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate. Know More

etraffic-web-marketingeTraffic Web MarketingWe have expertise in all facets of internet marketing and web design. If it can be done on the internet, we do it! We offer professional services in web design, content generation,mobile marketing, national SEO, local SEO, social media marketing, and more. Our services are focused on bringing more targeted visitors to your site, and increasing your conversion rate in order to propel your business to the next level and increase your profitability. Our professionals strive to gain an understanding of your business and your customers in order to design a site and a marketing campaign that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. We work closely with you to design a marketing strategy that is well suited to your business needs and your budgetary requirements. We also design a web based campaign that is well integrated with your offline marketing activities. We are dedicated and committed to work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and enhance your visibility on the web to by driving more targeted customers to your business via the internet.

why-choose-usWhy Choose Us? We have a large portfolio of satisfied clients whom we have assisted in increasing the exposure of their business on the internet, and enhancing their visibility and brand recognition, which has driven more customers to their respective web sites and increased sales and customer retention. We work closely with all of our clients to understand their business and provide them with guaranteed and long lasting results. Our team of talented and dedicated internet marketing professionals will study your business and provide you with a suitable internet marketing package that makes use of proven strategies at an affordable price. We maintain transparency in all our services by providing clients with periodic reports that delineate our activities and the progress of your site based on various metrics. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support and being available and accessible to resolve any issues clients have with their site or internet marketing initiatives.
long-lasting-resultGuaranteed and long lasting resultsIncluded in our client contract are certain metrics that have been mutually agreed upon that we guarantee to satisfy. The metrics involved will be dependent upon the particular client and the internet marketing package that agreed upon but it may include metrics such as the number of monthly site visitors, ranking of keywords in the SERPs, and site visitor conversion rates for specific visitor actions. We are also dedicated to assisting our customers on an on-going basis to ensure that their results are continuous and long-lasting.
team-of-professionalsTeam Of Expert, Talented,
& Passionate Professionals
eTraffic Web Marketing employs a group of dedicated and talented internet marketing professionals that have expertise in all facets of internet marketing. Our team is dedicated to satisfying and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our team has assisted numerous clients in achieving their internet marketing goals, and we can assist you as well. Our marketing professionals will analyze your business and your current online and offline initiatives and propose an internet marketing strategy that is designed to integrate well with your current marketing efforts and help you achieve your marketing goals.
different-strategyDifferent strategiesThere are quite a number of different internet marketing strategies that may be employed. The strategy used for your unique application will depend upon the type of business you are in, your goals, and your budgetary constraints. After assessing your business and your current marketing initiatives, we will design an internet marketing package that is geared toward achieving the best possible results within your budget. We make use of various strategies and techniques that include, but are not limited to SEO, SEM, pay-per-click, media marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, local SEM, and more.
affordable-pricesAffordable Prices And Customised Packages Designed To Attain Client Goals We meet with our clients and carefully analyze their existing internet marketing activities, if any, and obtain a feel for their marketing goals and requirements. We will then present our client with a customised package of internet marketing services based upon the clients goals, budgetary constraints, and the unique aspects of the clients business. We spend a significant amount of time with our clients in order to listen to their needs and discuss their priorities and requirements.
transparencyTransparencyWe make it a point to maintain transparency in the services we render and the resulting outcomes with our clients. eTraffic Web Marketing provides periodic reports to our client that specify the activities we are engaged in on behalf of the client, the amount of time that was spent on each of these activities, and billing for each of them, when appropriate. We also provide charts and data that depict the progress that is being made on the metrics that were agreed upon at the outset of the contract in order to provide a means for the client to monitor the progress of our efforts. Therefore, clients are kept abreast of all efforts that are being conducted on their behalf and the corresponding results.
ongoing-customer-support Ongoing Customer Support In addition to providing high-quality services to our clientele, we are also focused on providing excellent and highly responsive customer support. Our goal is to be highly accesible and respond quickly to the concerns and requests of our customers. Our support can range from telephone conversations, to online chats, to hands-on-training sessions and visits to a customer’s site depending on the requirements and preferences of a customer.


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    The eTraffic Group came into my web world and rocked it! I love my new website. I have had more people join than ever before and they let me put as many airbrushed photos of myself on there as I wanted. They can do anything! "

    Mark Wilson Sure Seal Bathrooms
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    eTraffic elevated the look and feel of my website to a whole new level, resulting in longer visits and increased sales. The eTraffic Group team stayed with us through every tech challenge. We had Flash, video, shopping cart issues, you name it. eTraffic made us the heroes.

    Katrena Roordink Williamstown Plaster