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Advanced Features Added To Adobe Analytics
Posted by Cameron Francis on November 02, 2013 in Software Reviews

Adobe Analytics

It appears as if 2013 is turning out to be a year of evolving analytics.  Just recently, Adobe unveiled new analytics features to enhance the functionality of their analytics products. These enhancements were designed to improve data analysis in order to better identify metrics upon which action must be taken.

Adobe Analytics – What Is It?

Adobe Analytics assists webmasters to obtain a comprehensive view of their business by changing interactions with customers into insights that are actionable.  Adobe Analytics has interactive reports and dashboards that allow users to share, sort, and sift real-time data to provide insights into opportunities and problem identification.

There are many webmasters and internet marketers who are uncomfortable providing Google with all of the information and data related to their website and online business. Therefore, many choose to use analytics software packages that are provided by third parties, such as Adobe Analytics. In addition, Adobe Analytics does provide some advanced features that Google doesn’t offer, so it is a functional upgrade as well.

Adobe Analytics also offers some advanced features in order to monitor the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.  Social media marketing has to do with relationships. Adobe Social, assists marketers by helping them create stronger social connections via content that is steered by tangible data. Adobe Social is designed to help marketers create relevant posts, monitor conversations and respond to them, and to measure the results.  It helps users connect social media activities to measurable business results.

What Are The New Adobe Analytics Features?

The new features incorporated in Adobe Analytics are quite extensive and include:

  • Anomaly detection and predictive analytics
  • Enhanced real time reporting
  • Updates to data visualisation
  • Enhanced mobile analytics features
  • Metrics reports for video
  • Analysis of conversions for transactions with apps

Adobe Analytics is a software package for people who like to use advanced statistical analysis. Some of the new statistical analysis features include improved usability for comprehending the context surrounding trends associated with website visitor’s data. It assists users to visualise the actionable metrics of minimum, maximum, standard deviation and mean by overlaying the data in columns in graphs.

Adobe Analytic’s anomaly detection assists analysts by filtering out noise. It identifies data points that are outside trends or outliers. The software learns which data points are anomalies and which values should fall within a range on the basis of historical trends.

Marketers are now becoming accountable for improving returns on marketing expenditure on a consistent basis. The new capabilities that have been incorporated into Adobe Analytics like data visualisation and predictive analytics will assists marketers in comprehending the efficacy of marketing campaigns and assist them to achieve improved business results.

Some of the most impressive features of Adobe Analytics are its commitment to analytics that are non-traditional. For instance, conversion analysis in apps keeps track of key actions taken by users while using your mobile apps.  Video metrics gather user data in 10 second intervals for content and 5 second intervals for advertisements, utilising what Adobe calls “heartbeat” metrics.

However, video analytics is only the beginning of the changes in real-time reporting. Adobe is investing in assisting business analysts to gather business data in real-time. Many retailers will tell you that during periods of very busy shopping, inventory control and placing new orders can be extremely important, and real-time data is critical at these times.  Real-time functionality, with high data granularity can be analysed within several seconds of its collection utilising samples that are gathered six times per minute.


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