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Visualise Overlaps Between Paid And Organic Search With Adword’s New Paid/Organic Report
Posted by Cameron Francis on September 12, 2013 in Google AdWords

Recently Google launched a new Adwords report that displays the combined traffic, per keyword, from organic and paid search.  This report is the first of its type. You can view this report in Adword’s dimension tab. However, you must link your Google Webmaster and Adwords accounts before it will work.

Quite frequently, people involved primarily in paid search, focus solely on paid search and ignore other search results. By linking your Adwords account to your Webmaster Tools, you can obtain more data to help you maximise the effectiveness of your pay-per-click campaigns. 

To maximise your search results, it is important to locate and increase ways you can integrate paid and organic search. This new Google report serves to validate the need of using multiple tactics in tandem to create a synergy that maximises value.

As you begin to accumulate data in this report, you will be able to see why it can be a valuable tool for search engine marketers. Here are a couple of the primary reasons it is useful:

Monitoring Co-Exposure

This report assists you in comprehending the value of simultaneously having organic and paid listings display on search results. What will be the correct position and mix of keywords in the SERPs?  You can now conduct tests so you can understand how coverage and rank impact conversions, CTR, and market share.

For instance, some keywords like “low cost auto insurance” might be very costly to have on the top position of paid search. By making use of this report, you will now be able to understand the amount of traffic that is shifted or moved to organic listing if your paid search position is now at six.

A vital aspect that makes an excellent search marketer is maximising your value from all of the search results, not just extracting all the value you can from pay-per-click.

Identifying Keywords

Which keywords are bringing you traffic and from which sources? With this report you can easily and quickly see scenarios where high volume is driven by PPC, but organic has no presence.

You can also seek to identify keyword trends on the basis of search volume that you may be unaware of.  For instance, you may have a team conducting off-line promotions that does not notify your digital marketing team. Using this report you are able to determine if given different match types or Google’s search algorithm, if there happens to be enough traffic to justify a strategy.

This new report gives you the ability to rapidly visualise how organic and paid clicks overlap. This tool provides a great mechanism for advancing the discipline of search engine marketing and it encourages people involved mainly in paid search to examine organic search results.

Remember, most often customers are not concerned with whether they are using organic or paid search. They are just interested in finding what they are seeking.  As search engine marketers, we want clients to find our listings. This report can assist us to maximise the whole impact of a search results listing and it is a step in the right direction.


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Cameron Francis is the CoFounder & Managing Director of ETRAFFIC, Melbourne's #1 Creative & Digital Marketing Agency. For over a decade Cameron has been providing growth marketing and digital strategies for over 2,000 small businesses, start-ups & entrepreneurs around the country.
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