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Should Your Business Adhere to Local SEO Ranking Factors?
Posted by Sam Roshan on June 21, 2017 in

local seo for business

Local SEO is the topic of much debate.

There are two schools of thought: one that believes Local SEO is essential for all kinds of business and the other that promotes experimenting the benefits of Local SEO listing before deciding to implement on a business website.

A massive study of Local SEO factors conducted by Dan Leibson and Andrew Shotland delivered some interesting insights. You can read about the research here.

There is no resolution to the debate. It does not make sense to sit on either side of the fence propounding the benefits of one above the other. Rather, a midway is necessary because SEO is dynamic. There is no fixed manual to adhere because Google employs hundreds of technical signals to assess a website’s presence and lends it prominence on the SERP.

Accordingly, choosing either side of the debate is not a wholesome conclusion. The Leibson and Shotland research tried to reverse engineer the Google algorithm and reached the conclusion that every Google dependent business owner needs to test and assess whether the Local SEO is worth incorporating on the site or not.

Consider Geo-optimization?

An example to consider is the geo-optimization feature: should a business utilize the geo-tag on the website. A lot of SEO experts recommend adding the geo-tag as an on-page SEO strategy such as mentioning the location in URL, content text, H1 tags, alt text and others.

Does it work?

It depends completely on a business. If a business is limited to a locality, it makes sense to employ the Local SEO factors because the business would want to be found by the people situated in that particular locality or area.

The Local SEO option guide a business in the right way. Whether or not it should be utilized depends on the business intent.



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