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My name is Dr. Frank. I’m the principal dentist here at Abbotsford Dental. We started up here about nine months ago and we’re kind of, sort of, needed in the community for a good high quality dentist.

I came across ETRAFFIC just by talking to Sam. I just met him and we were chatting and he’s like what do you do, and I’m like what do you do. And took it from there pretty much. You know I was using someone already in the states and he told me some things that were interesting that I haven’t heard before. And thought I’d take it from there.

So, our previous provider, I wouldn’t say I was unhappy with them. They were doing okay, getting okay results. Like there wasn’t anything terribly bad or anything fantastic about them. After I started talking to the people at ETRAFFIC and started seeing there’s a lot more that we could be doing and not just the things that I’ve kind of like heard before. And yeah, I’ve had some massive improvements. The returns that we were getting on our investment have significantly improved. We’re getting much more calls through the door. Before, we were mainly relying on our location, word of mouth referrals and now we’re getting a lot more kind of like search-based or internet-based referrals to our clinic which is really exciting.

We started doing SEO and Google Adwords with ETRAFFIC and yeah, I’ve seen it a significant improvement in our natural Google listing and all that sort of stuff. We’re getting a lot of more the top of clientele that we were trying to reach for. And now we’re starting to do videos and other forms of marketing that I see a lot of other dental clinics are doing. And so it’s really good to get that professional advice on those areas.

So yeah, the customer service, I’ve been really happy with. We have a web-based portal. I can talk to the whole team that’s in-charge of my account. They get back to me very promptly and always come back with recommendations. Even things that, you know, I hadn’t thought of. They come up with ideas, these recommendations that we can improve not just with the ads but with the website itself and other content. So I’m very happy from that perspective.

I would highly recommend ETRAFFIC for anyone looking to grow their business. They’re very professional. Their customer service is fantastic. They seem to be really on top of what they’re doing. I’m very happy with the service and product that I am given at ETRAFFIC.


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