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Content is King – Frequently Update Your Site with Great Content
Posted by Cameron Francis on December 07, 2016 in

Content is King - Frequently Update Your Site with Great Content

If you haven’t been creating lots of content for your website, chances are you’re missing out on a very cheap and easy way to secure higher search engine rankings, increase your industry credibility and generate more business.

The key to sustained search engine rankings partly lies in consistently updating your website with great content. We’re talking about high-quality content designed to entertain, inform, engage and educate readers.

Why do you need to update your website with great content?

  • Search engines tend to rank fresh content higher for the purpose of relevance and new perspective.
  • More websites link to new content particularly if the content addresses a topical issue. This naturally translates into increased search rankings.
  • Lowers bounce rate and increases engagement on your website.
  • Increases credibility and sets you up as an authority in your industry.

How do you publish great content?

  • Pick a topic and write exhaustively on that topic.
  • Write on topical issues and pain points.
  • Let your content solve specific problems.
  • Use other formats like videos, podcasts and infographics. It doesn’t have to be text all the time.
  • Hire experts or employ the services of expert guest posters.

Website owners who publish content often are bound to get a lot more business and profits from their websites. This is why content marketing should be a very integral part of your marketing mix.

Here’s how you can get started today!

However, there’s one important thing you must keep in mind: content marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. You may have to publish a ton of content, but the end results are always highly satisfactory.


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Cameron Francis is the CoFounder & Managing Director of ETRAFFIC, Melbourne's #1 Creative & Digital Marketing Agency. For over a decade Cameron has been providing growth marketing and digital strategies for over 2,000 small businesses, start-ups & entrepreneurs around the country.
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Cameron Francis is the co-founder of The eTraffic Group which started as a 2 man start-up from his lounge room, to a 50 person+, multi million dollar company.

For over 10 years Cameron has been providing growth hacking and digital marketing strategies for small businesses, start ups & entrepreneurs. He helps companies like Retreat Caravans, Melbourne Real Estate, and Roth Newton grow their revenue.

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