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Create One Unique Profile Per Online Directory
Posted by Cameron Francis on April 29, 2016 in

Create One Unique Profile Per Online Directory


Do you know why tens of thousands of websites lost their rankings in the last penguin and panda updates? It was because Google found out that their backlinks were completely unnatural.

Google technicians were able to quickly map out many webmasters’ footprints online within a few minutes of manually reviewing those websites – they still do.

How were they able to do this? Simple! They just looked for recurring usernames, links and repetitive anchor texts on multiple directories and websites to prove that those links were not earned naturally.

The result naturally was either the deindexing of the websites or lost rankings. Therefore, many small businesses lost significant revenue as a result of those updates.

So, what could be the solution?

Create profiles with unique usernames for each directory you submit your website to.

You see, search engines are particular about websites earning their links. Now, if you follow this process, it could take years for your website to rank.

The question is why wait that long, when you can take advantage of proven shortcuts? That’s what we expertly do at eTraffic. We help speed up the process so your website’s rankings can be accelerated in a short span of time.

We understand that the key to long lasting search engine rankings is natural-looking links. This is why we go beyond great lengths to create a unique profile for each directory or website from which we build your backlinks.

Let’s face it! This is going to be a tedious and time-consuming work. Let the experts at eTraffic take care of this for you so you can focus on running your business.



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Cameron Francis is the CoFounder & Managing Director of ETRAFFIC, Melbourne's #1 Creative & Digital Marketing Agency. For over a decade Cameron has been providing growth marketing and digital strategies for over 2,000 small businesses, start-ups & entrepreneurs around the country.
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Cameron Francis is the co-founder of The eTraffic Group which started as a 2 man start-up from his lounge room, to a 50 person+, multi million dollar company.

For over 10 years Cameron has been providing growth hacking and digital marketing strategies for small businesses, start ups & entrepreneurs. He helps companies like Retreat Caravans, Melbourne Real Estate, and Roth Newton grow their revenue.

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