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Digital PR Strategy

Get Connected, Stay Connected

With the constant evolution of business and the extinction of the old ways, we understand the need to constantly stay in the forefront of things. Those who insist on sticking with tradition find there isn’t much left to gain from it. Traditional PR was really effective and probably always will be for large businesses. However, our Digital PR can accomplish so much more, in less time, with less investment and less risk.

Instant Measurable Results

Digital PR is a combination of Content Marketing, Search Marketing and Social Media, to develop a brand and generate customer loyalty. What traditional PR cannot do in a local market, Digital PR scales easily owing to its borderless nature.

Why Digital PR?

Instead of doing a press release in a newspaper or printed media and never knowing how many people have read or responded to it, Digital PR enables you to track the outcome of every communication with your audience. Every link to your PR can be analysed to find out just how many people clicked on it and when. You therefore learn quickly:

  • Which sites are working for you
  • The type of content people respond to
  • How long it takes to get your message across

Without all the guesswork of print or TV, your job as a decision-maker is made much simpler.

The A-Team

With a squad of highly trained and very experienced professionals working on your digital PR objectives, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Not only are we one of today’s top Digital Marketing companies, we are also very passionate about what we do.

Our work isn’t done until you are overwhelmed with clients. At ETRAFFIC, we take time researching; developing links, partners and content; and we are available any time of the day. We give your business the same dedication you do.

We understand how hard it can be navigating the web and trying to set yourself apart from the competition. That’s why we made it a lot easier for you.

See For Yourself

Want to know exactly what we are doing to help you? We couldn’t be more excited. PR is often shrouded in mystery, in a bid to prevent publicists from going out of business. We don’t have such insecurity. We know you’ll want to develop your relationship with us after getting an in-depth look into how we deliver.

You’ll have complete access to analysis reports for your website and the activities we are doing to boost your ranking, CTR, followers on social media and creation of strong links with social influencers.

Google Analytics Certified Partner

We know precisely what to do because we have access to all the key metrics. By carrying out extensive audits on your website, SEO and the outcome of your online marketing endeavours, we are able to offer solutions that work and stick.

Your business is our personal responsibility. We want to take every measure possible to ensure you have brilliant results every time.

Fully Integrated Service

The key to any successful campaign is synergy. By combining all of our digital offerings from search engine optimisation, to snippet optimisation and pay per click, you get the quickest and best results possible. This blend of services guarantees maximum exposure on all sides, to every possible lead, click and client.

Unbeatable Prices

As with all our services, our prices are made affordable in order to get you running as soon and as quickly as possible. There are no contracts so you are under no obligation to stay, but nobody walks away from a buffet.

Get Digital PR as a packaged deal or as a unique service. In either case, we are sure you will find a price within your budget and results you couldn’t have gotten from traditional means.

Always Stay Ahead

Want to see a bright future for your business? So do we! By keeping you steps ahead of the competition, we give you the opportunity to decide which direction your industry should follow. By constantly improving our skills, we guarantee our clients always get the best service available anywhere

Now getting the publicity and reach your business requires is just a call away.

Talk to one of our Digital PR experts today. Let us know how we can be of service to you.