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ekologix etraffic client review


Hi, I’m Nala. I’m from Ekologix. My role in the company is Marketing and Design so I take care of all the Marketing activities and anything that the business needs for, you know, marketing purposes. We decided to move on from our agency that we were with cause we wanted more value for online strategies and things like that. We were looking into increasing our presence especially in the digital space and we thought that ETRAFFIC was a good fit for our company.

The services that we are engaged in with ETRAFFIC to begin with was really the online strategies, you know, SEO, SEM. As our relationship developed, we decided to increase the services with ETRAFFIC and now we’ve started doing videos. They designed a brand new website for us. And there was a web app as well which we are all very happy with and it’s proved to be very successful so far.

The great thing with our experience with ETRAFFIC is that they’re very easy to communicate with. Any problems that, you know, the company is facing, we are able to come to them directly and they’re very quick. They’re transparent in what they do and they have great service. They are able to help us in a whole range of things that we need. Since being with ETRAFFIC, we’ve been able to achieve a lot of things in the marketing space for our company. One of the main things was developing our video content, increasing our presence online and looking at the competitors and how we, you know, shape up with them. And also giving value to our customers. And ETRAFFIC was able to really help us do that, give value and show our customers what we can do.

I would definitely recommend ETRAFFIC for any digital and creative needs for any company because more they’re definitely able to help and they’ve been great for us as a company.

retreat caravans etraffic web marketing review


Hi everybody, I’m Tilly Rexhepi, general manager of Retreat Caravans. I’m here today to tell you how ETRAFFIC has impacted our business. So prior to ETRAFFIC, we have no marketing campaigns. A lot of our marketing was through word of mouth, which for us, obviously got us so far. But I guess to keep up with the game we need to, I guess, bring the game. That we did with Cameron Francis and his team at ETRAFFIC. What ETRAFFIC and Cameron do for us? They obviously give us an online presence. Not only have they revamped our website, but they’ve also come up with a strategic, Facebook and general marketing campaign that really gets people to our doorstep. So not only does it get more foot traffic at our caravan dealerships, but we’re getting a lot more clicks on our website and a lot more lead generated that we never had the opportunity to get before. Which in turn has converted into more sales.

Now Cam obviously runs a very tight ship down at ETRAFFIC He and Ruth, David, Angel and I guess the entire team in ETRAFFIC have been fantastic in helping online via our social platform. So, I guess it’s definitely not a one man show although Cam would probably want to think that. The team at ETRAFFIC is very very helpful at all times of the day.

retreat caravans seo growth

Now with our presence online, our business has grown, I would say, probably about 500 per cent. Where we would at least be getting 5 to 10 phone call during the day, and definitely a lot more inquiries. Sales rise and go through the roof. There isn’t even a number in existence for the amount of leads that we get compared to what we had.

The main thing that mainly differentiates Cameron and his team at ETRAFFIC from other marketing that I’ve personally have experienced within the past is the support. It could be two o’clock in the afternoon, it could be seven in the morning, it could be nine at night; if you’ve got a query, they’re gonna have the answer. Whether it’s on the phone, online, where ever it is, they’re definitely are there to take care of their clients.

We built a very good relationship with Cameron and the team. And it all started by myself beating Cameron in a game of table tennis in his office. But not only that, we meet quite regularly here on the side of Retreat Caravans or the other ETRAFFIC headquarters and the bloke likes us that much he even invited us to his wedding. So, Cameron, you know, and Hayley of course, we wish you guys all the best in marriage.

How did we meet Cameron? That’s a funny story. It was actually my boss Chevs who bought tickets to the AFL Grand Final. I believe Hawthorne was playing Geelong in one of those grand finals that I always won. And he couldn’t make the game for some reason, got contact with a guy by the name of Cameron Francis who later on in life we found out that he was the Dermott Brereton or Dipper on the famous Hawthorn versus Geelong grand final where Hawthorne ofcourse won, yeah I know. But we met him through an AFL Ticketing Scalping. Don’t let the AFL know though.

emc technologies - etraffic client reviews


Hi, my name is Andrew Whiteford. I’m the manager here at EMC Technologies in Melbourne. We’ve been using ETRAFFIC for a number of years now to handle all our online digital marketing campaigns.

We approached ETRAFFIC because we knew we couldn’t handle the quite large job of handling the online advertising and website SEO activity ourselves. So we looked for professionals that can provide that service.

EMC Tech found ETRAFFIC through a referral from another company that have used their services and raved about the quality of services they were receiving. Our initials thoughts from ETRAFFIC were quite positive as we had a rather bad experience with our previous provider so we were a little bit apprehensive. Sam and his team put us at ease right away and we felt quite comfortable in dealing with Sam. And after nearly two years now, that hasn’t changed. We’re very happy with the service that ETRAFFIC provides and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

ETRAFFIC has been providing a number of digital services, mostly SEO, website development, content development including blogging and they’ve also been doing a lot of Google AdWords SEM activities. ETRAFFIC have certainly delivered on the promises they’ve made with what sort of services they can provide. Certainly judging by the continuous stream of inquiries that we receive on our website also through phone calls.

I would highly recommend utilising the services of ETRAFFIC because of the friendly service they provide and the fact that they do deliver on what they promise.

investors direct ETRAFFIC Web Marketing review


My name is Arthur Kallos, I’m the general manager of Investors Direct. Investors Direct is a full advisory firm. We cover all aspects of advise. So, we look at mortgages, we look at property advisory and financial planning. I guess when we were reviewing our marketing strategy, there definitely was a gap in terms of the way we were acquiring our clients. So obviously we need a shop, an e-shop, so to speak, where people could come in and have a look at what we can do for them.

And reviewing our current website, it’s capabilities and I guess our story wasn’t really encapsulated the way we wanted on the website and we just had poor performance. The poor performance was organic search performance, it’s ability to communicate our value proposition effectively and act as a lead generation mechanism to acquire new clients. So we embarked on a journey of finding the creative agency that could clearly articulate who we were, work with us to actually create that front of shop experience and continue working with us as we evolve. And as how we evolved our value proposition, they could easily adjust, fine tune and continue to make the performance of the website effective.

So what services has ETRAFFIC provided me so far? The services that ETRAFFIC has provided me so far is really sitting down with me and understanding what our strategy is, our online strategy is. And putting together the implementation schedule to create the creative and the actual website itself to communicate our value proposition to the prospects and our clients. That’ll be the first thing that ETRAFFIC has done for us.

The second thing would have to be around creating lead generation strategies within or throughout our site. By creating our customers’ experience through each our landing page, which is said to act like a funnel with a call which is stimulating against inbound communication for assistance. So that’s something that we’ve been working on.

That structuring, that architecture, that we’ve now put in place — you’ve got experience, vital strategy and our value proposition — the architecture to capture the client journey through our site is now being optimised. That’s the third thing that ETRAFFIC has been helping us with — is actually giving us the education on how to maximise optimisation of our site. So for instance, we do a monthly newsletter, keyword search, making sure that those keywords are on our landing pages and that really aligned to prospects that will actually do google searches and making sure that the relevancy of our site is continuously optimised and ranking on first page is something they actually been able to do.

I’ve seen a good ROI in a pretty good period of time. We started to see inbound communication. When the phone rings inward rather than you having to ring outward and your proportion of inwards versus outwards starts to change, that’s when you know your online strategy is starting to work and we’re starting to see that now.

I would recommend ETRAFFIC to anyone looking to improve their online experience for their current clients or their prospects. I guess number one is their willingness to listen and understand your needs. Number two would be the knowledge of how the whole system works, the whole online strategy and online media, or online content works. Number three is education, their ability to explain things, their willingness to take the time and listen. They got a nice little sweet spot there where the return of investment is value for money so, very happy.

elevation floatation - ETRAFFIC reviews


Hi! My name is Dinuka and I’m one of the founders of Elevation Floatation and Yoga. We’re Australia’s first combined flotation and yoga studio.

So originally we did all the digital marketing internally before we actually fitted out the space and had it set up. But obviously wanted to be one of Melbourne’s and Australia’s market leaders in flotation and yoga so we definitely needed that help. That’s when we turned to the guys at ETRAFFIC.

The ETRAFFIC looked after the whole gambit about digital services from website creation to SEO, Adwords management, social media. They generate articles for us. If we need any vlogs or videos done. Storyboarding, ideas and our marketing.

Since working with ETRAFFIC, our website now gets over 8,000 hits a month. We have a really good conversion on that. Second to word of mouth, most of our business comes through Google. A lot of people come and are seeing us on the top three results when they type in sensory deprivation tanks or yoga. And they click through to our website and come visit us.

The main benefit of working with a company like ETRAFFIC is that we don’t need multiple other people working on our marketing needs. They take care of everything. So if we need an idea for a video or a campaign on Facebook, we just go to them. They’ve got open lines of communication. I always use Sam as a sounding board for my ideas. He’ll jump in and be completely transparent if he thinks that something is wrong or if something can be done a little bit better and I really value that. As well as they’re really creative, proactive. If they see something or trend that’s happening before we do, they’ll definitely approach us, give me a call. He’s always available. So there’s really no topic that I can’t really turn to ETRAFFIC on and get an opinion on.

So for anyone looking into being different, to stand out in the crowd, or just wants a different lens on how to do things online, I highly recommend having a chat to one of the guys at ETRAFFIC. They’re awesome in creating an environment which you can share your opinions and feedback in a great way.