Does your business need
to re-invent its marketing because of COVID-19?

Our Points of Difference

Because, to us, every last digital marketing agency should tick these boxes.

It’s simply vital parts of the process – not bits that you can choose to have or not have and expect the same results.

But the world is an imperfect place; the below points really do make eTraffic stand out from the rest.

Respecting Businesses Unique Realities

To attract people’s attention – and to make them take ownership of the ideas and actions that you want to inspire – you have to know what truly matters to them.

businessYou cannot simply slap on a one-size-fits-all strategy and pump out some witty messages. That’s why we always start by gaining a deep understanding of your target market and how they relate to your product and brand.

businessWe take this very seriously; each of our specialists are assigned fewer accounts to ensure that they stay intimately familiar with the reality of your particular business.


Offering Complete Transparency

We provide you with a full blueprint showing exactly who is doing what and when:

you’ll have full access to all marketing programs, campaigns and software. And we invite you to ask questions or comment on what we do at any time.

We bare it all and always stay open to adjusting the course to get the best result for you.

Sharing Knowledge

Much like we want to learn about your special knowledge, experience, brand, product and target group, we want to give you the opportunity to learn about our craft.

KnowWe educate you on current technologies and keep you informed of what’s happening in the ever-changing digital landscape.

KnowThat way, we can leverage your unique selling points together, securing the strongest position well ahead of your competitors.

Being Daring, Yet Safe

Of course, to separate yourself from the pack, you have to dare to be different. But that doesn’t have to mean gambling your marketing dollar.

Our in-house R&D department not only develop groundbreaking digital strategies and tools; they also test everything prior to going live,

so that when you launch your campaigns, they really do take flight. Measurable impact is everything.


Building a Relevant Presence

In selecting media, we don’t give you a knee-jerk recommendation of whatever channel is currently considered the new black.

businessWe take the lead from the needs of your customers, employing the mix of media and messages that is the most relevant to them. Our hybrid marketing model draws on the full gamut of available tools: everything from traditional SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and EmailMarketing to emerging approaches such as mobile apps, re-targeting and voice search.

businessSo your customer will encounter you again and again, and again, always appreciating how relevant your brand and product is.

Stay Strong – and Free

eTraffic’s unique strengths give us the confidence to rely solely on the merits of our day-to-day work.

Retainers are not what make our clients stay with us. We don’t do retainers. Pledging our allegiance to the art of our craft, we simply keep delivering evergreen marketing, trusting that you will appreciate the tremendous power it lends your brand.