Does your business need
to re-invent its marketing because of COVID-19?

We can help your clients like we are helping all of our clients grow their business
with the right digital strategy, right execution, a transparent approach and with an ROI that is quantifiable and scalable.

Why even Consider a PARTNERSHIP?

You are a business servicing your clients in a niche market. And you are exceptional at what you do!
However, there are other services in the digital space that your client’s need help in.

You don’t have the resources and expertise to answer those needs.
And, you don’t want to take the focus off what you do best.

On the other hand, you cannot just let such opportunities slip through your fingers, or you’ll lose your clients to other agencies.

If the above sounds about right, we can help.
Contact us to entertain the idea of how we can help you help your clients.

A True Story

eTraffic’s partnership channel began after multiple agencies contacted us requesting for a partnership after they heard from their clients or saw our strategies and results in areas that they did not service.

Currently we are partnered up with: IT companies, Web Development companies, Digital Agencies, Email Marketing Agencies, Business Coaches, Individual contractors.

Why eTraffic?

Because we are the bee’s knees!

We genuinely care about every single one of our clients.
We love what we do, and have great communication internally and with our clients, which has really helped with our exceptional customer service.

We are a full services digital agency that cover all service offerings from branding, website and application design, development to a holistic digital strategy comprising of content, Video, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing CRO and more.

  • You are partnering up with multi-discipline digital experts, which will help your client with any of their needs that you don’t offer, provide exceptional results and help grow your business.
  • We work with you in creating customised digital strategies based on your client’s needs and with measurable results.
  • Help you take on new clients and grow your existing clientele.
  • A transparent and collaborative agency that involves you and your clients in ourecosystem and have them involved with our whole team.
  • Help educate your team on digital marketing.
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ETRAFFIC’S ethical trade

Our promise to you is our promise to your clients:

  • We will remain transparent with all your referral clientele.
  • We will not offer conflicting services to your client but rather refer that work back to you like we have with all of our current agencies.

What we don’t do

White label services. We are a dynamic and forward-thinking company, and our strategies continuously evolve to match our client’s changing goals and needs. We are constantly communicating with our clients, requesting feedback to be able to run the best possible strategy and avoid communication bottlenecks, which just won’t work well and your clients will in turn suffer. This is something that we would not want for you and your clients.

If you are interested and open to the idea of such a partnership, fill in your details below and on of our directors will be in touch!

Let’s discuss