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Ranking Bad Podcast
Ranking Bad Podcast

A Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Podcast by
Cameron Francis and Sam Roshan.


Howdy, Digital Marketers!

Listen, Learn and Yee-haw!

The Digital Cowboys, Cameron Francis and Sam Roshan, veer away from the boring and conventional, and give you an out-of-the-ordinary podcast series that talks about everything digital marketing.

Get the nitty gritty of the latest trends, tools, techniques, tactics and how-tos to fuel your digital marketing curiosity and skills. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketer or an industry noob, we make sure that each audio episode is packed with energy, takeaways and more reasons to stay in tune.

So saddle up because the cowboys are taking you to an insight-packed on-air experience across the world of digital marketing.

Digital Cow Boys Podcast

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