Digital Cowboys Podcast
Digital Cowboys Podcast

A Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Podcast by
Cameron Francis and Sam Roshan.

Digital Cowboys Podcast Digital Cowboys Episode #8 | Optimising Videos for Youtube
Posted by Digital Cowboys on June 20, 2017

Learn how to increase your website traffic through video content! Master the art of optimising videos for YouTube with Cameron Francis and Sam Roshan as they discuss how to use tags wisely, create strong call to actions and develop video concepts based on customer value, including pro-tips for small to medium business owners. Tune in to learn more in this episode of The Digital Cowboys.

Show Notes:

  • Keyword Research – 00:02:03:27
  • Keyword – 00:03:38:19
  • YouTube Video Maker – 00:04:50:11
  • Create an Optimised Title – 00:06:05:14
  • Use Tags Wisely – 00:08:11:12
  • Create a Full Description – 00:08:54:10
  • Create a Strong Call to Action – 00:10:51:08
  • Develop Video Concepts Based on Customer Values – 00:12:44:06
  • Repurposing Video Content – 00:13:40:25
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