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Write Persuasive Ad Copy that Engages and Converts
Posted by Cameron Francis on February 07, 2017 in

Write Persuasive Ad Copy that Engages and Converts

Do you want to know the vital element that all successful PPC ads really have in common? It’s their ad copy.

Yes, you can have the best keyword groups, have an excellent quality score and spend a fortune on your paid search ads. But if your ad copy isn’t targeted, compelling and persuasive, you may not record as much success as you should.

This is often the only missing element in many paid search campaigns. In PPC, generic headlines like “Best Plumber Available 24/7” may generate a lot of clicks, but will not convert well.

However, if your headlines were specific (for example “Plumbing Repair in Melbourne”) followed by an even more specific and compelling body, your CTR will reduce. But, you are assured that the visitors who click through to your website or click to call will want your service.

The copy on your landing pages too should be succinct, benefit-driven and should compel action on the part of the visitors. There should be no copy “leakages” in any element of your campaign.

This means that your landing page design and copy should be loaded with powerful and irresistible call to action (CTA). It should highlight benefits and other incentives that will make visitors find it impossible to say no.

If you don’t know how to create engaging copy and high conversion landing pages, our team of conversion experts here at eTraffic can create excellent and engaging copy for you. We highly guarantee that our work will compel your visitors to do whatever you want them to do.

So if you need some help in this, just click here to discover what we can do for your ad copy today.

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Cameron Francis


Cameron Francis is the CoFounder & Managing Director of ETRAFFIC, Melbourne's #1 Creative & Digital Marketing Agency. For over a decade Cameron has been providing growth marketing and digital strategies for over 2,000 small businesses, start-ups & entrepreneurs around the country.
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Cameron Francis is the co-founder of The eTraffic Group which started as a 2 man start-up from his lounge room, to a 50 person+, multi million dollar company.

For over 10 years Cameron has been providing growth hacking and digital marketing strategies for small businesses, start ups & entrepreneurs. He helps companies like Retreat Caravans, Melbourne Real Estate, and Roth Newton grow their revenue.

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Cam Francis is available to speak at your corporate event or conference. He brings an energetic and high impact approach to provide the audience with instantly actionable digital marketing strategies guaranteed to improve your business.