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Fast, Easy, Flexible and Powerful

Like Dorothy’s famous ruby slippers, the power of Google AdWords is undeniable. AdWords is scalable, able to grow with your business, and the results are easily measured. AdWords is fast taking over SERPs, and the impact of an AdWords campaign is clear…kind of like the impact Dorothy’s house had when it landed on the Wicked Witch of the East.


The AdWords format is engaging and gets results. A well-structured campaign integrates easily with other forms of marketing and generates traffic that converts to customers.

Google AdWords Certified Partner

eTraffic earned this globally recognised designation of approval from Google by demonstrating an in-depth knowledge and application of best practices, managing several thousands of dollars of AdWords advertising monies. This certification is proof of our ability, knowledge and experience in running successful AdWords campaigns for numerous clients.

Brains, Not Bots

When it comes to daily campaign management, bots are out and brains are in at eTraffic. Actual humans, not software programs or machines, manage all the details involved in your AdWords campaign to ensure things are running smoothly and efficiently.

Compelling Copy

Our crack copywriting team members produce powerful, persuasive ads that increase click through rates and convert visitors to customers. At eTraffic, our experts constantly test ads to ensure you get optimal results and realise the best possible return on your investment.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We spare no effort to make sure your ads display for the most valuable keywords in your market. This means we not only search out the best keywords and put them to work for you, but we investigate which ones have the most negative effect and neutralise them.

Quality Score

The quality score assigned to your campaign by Google directly affects your cost per click. For this reason, we work diligently to elevate your score as much as possible, thereby minimising cost and maximising ROI.

Landing Page

We will design and optimise a dynamic landing page customised for your specific business that not only generates leads, but also converts those leads into paying customers and helps improve your overall quality score. Using several cutting edge methods, we track each inquiry and every conversion, leaving no doubt as to what works and what doesn’t.

Support Team

We evaluate your company as a whole and strive to go above and beyond what is expected in providing our clients with much more than just digital marketing services. You’ll have your own personal Project Manager to coordinate the daily tasks that help propel your business forward, and a dedicated Digital Specialist who will research your business and your competition to gain a scope and understanding that guarantees your digital image matches your brand.

Free and Total Access

We aim for total transparency in everything we do for our clients, and encourage you to access your AdWords campaign at any time. You can instantly see what your customers are responding to, how your dollars are being spent and what elements of your campaign might be used in other forms of marketing for your business.

No Risk

We don’t believe in holding people hostage to a contract. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and consider the success of every campaign our personal responsibility.  Our goal is to impress you with such exceptional results that you’ll never want to leave. Should you decide to go elsewhere, we simply ask that you provide us with a 30-day notice.


Our management fee is just 25% of your AdWords investment. This small percentage is well below the market average, and when you consider that you are not locked into a contract, we just don’t see how you have anything to lose.

What’s Included

The cost for our services includes setting up your campaign, keyword research, landing page design, conversion tracking and analysis, optimising your campaign and in-depth, detailed monthly reporting on your campaign’s effectiveness.


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