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Leverage Gmail Ads & Gmail Sponsored Promotions

And reach customers anywhere on the planet

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses. The new option now available to advertisers is called Gmail Ads.

mobile_ad A recent study by Campaigner, an email marketing company, reveals that new subscriber acquisition is one of the biggest challenges of running an email marketing campaign.

Other challenges email marketers face include

  • Getting subscribers to open their emails;
  • Poor deliverability; and
  • Low subscriber retention
As a business owner, you must address these challenges. How do you ensure that your email messages are not only delivered but also read by the biggest possible number of subscribers? Various solutions have been proposed by experts, however... The one that I am about to suggest is nowhere near anything you've tried before.
mobile_ad Gmail Ads could be the solution to your email marketing problems. The ads can help you reach more than one billion people who open their emails on a daily basis. As of February 2016, the emailing service from Google had more than 1 billion active users. <strong="color:#a5ca39">Why is this number important?
  • 1 billion is a lot of exposure for your message.
  • You can start using Gmail ads at this very moment.
Google has been testing the native Gmail Ads since 2013, and ultimately launched them to all AdWords advertisers by September 2015. The ads look like your normal emails. They are collapsed by default and expand into a full-page native ad format when clicked on.
Why Gmail Ads

Why Gmail Ads?

  • Potential reach of over 1 billion prospects
  • Less obtrusive than most other ad formats as they do not redirect the user out of Gmail when clicked on
  • Your ads are shown to qualified prospects only
  • Wide choice of templates for customising your ads
  • You get all the metrics related to the ads including reach, open rate, click-through rate, forwards, saves, and more
  • Gmail native ads are priced per click, and at the same rates as standard AdWords ads

Email Marketing without the emails

And still hit the right customers

Building an email list can be extremely tough. Optimising your subject lines to get more opens is a science that very few marketers understand, and subscriber retention is not something that just happens.

  • But Gmail ads can save you from headaches.
  • We consider Gmail Ads as email marketing on steroids. You don't need to build an email list or worry about retaining subscribers.
  • Gmail does it all for you.
  • All you have to do is create your ad, set the proper targeting, and wait for conversions to start streaming in.
  • Can it get better than that? We don't think so.
Target your prospects through Gmail marketing

Target your prospects through Gmail Marketing

And let them know what's new

Gmail ads offer precise targeting options. You can reach your customers by keyword, affinity, and topics.

By setting your targeting right, you'll be rewarded with incredible engagement from your audience. There are document case studies of advertisers getting up to 181% conversion rate just by targeting their Gmail ads to the right audience.

Reach Your Specific Targets, With Specific Messages And Connect with them at the right spot


Nothing beats targeting your marketing using first-party data, and that's what Google wants you to have.

Customer Match, a new AdWords feature, allows you to upload your email list into AdWords and use it to target your customers.

Imagine the power of using AdWords’ identity-based targeting!

You can tailor your adverts based on your customer's unique traits or stages in purchase. This level of specificity creates more conversions and engagement from prospects and existing customers.

Use creative banners throughout your Gmail Ads

Inside your prospects email

Use creative banners throughout your Gmail Ads

Gmail ads make use of native ads to take banner advertising to the next level. The native banner ads morph themselves with the customer's email experience, driving more click-throughs without interfering with user experience.

When a user clicks on a banner, it expands into a full page native banner without redirecting the user from Gmail. You can include any form of HTML elements on Gmail banners including call-to-action buttons, phone numbers, product videos, and forms. By taking time to make your Gmail ad banners creative, you can provide for a richer user experience and significantly increase conversion rates.
Now it's your turn

Have you tested the native Gmail ads? Would you like to talk to an expert about targeting, budget, and potential reach?

We are here for you.

We believe in using cutting-edge technologies to reach your potential customers, engage them, and drive more conversions for your business.

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