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Mobile Advertising & Marketing

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If your customers are on the go, your business needs a Mobile Advertising & Mobile Marketing strategy.

We are living in a connected world because of Mobile Advertising & Mobile Marketing and your customers have never been as connected as they are today.


Smartphones, Tablets, and other Smart Devices are everywhere you look. Mobile has become the new remote control. It connects your customers with the world around them.

They do not need to wait for the top of the hour to watch the latest news that's happening locally and around the world. They do not need to watch a TV Ad to decide what products or services they want and which ones they don't. All they need to do is a few taps and swipes on their mobile phones to find what they need.

What does this mean for you and for your business?

It means you have to put an emphasis on everything mobile. The future belongs to those who realise the infinite power of the mobile connected world.

Mobile Marketing

Evolution from Desktop to Mobile


In 2008

An advertiser at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers made a somewhat unbelievable prediction. Mobile use would overtake fixed internet access by 2014! What might have seemed like a far-fetched idea has actually happened. In 2015, the time spent browsing the internet on mobile surpassed what was spent on Desktops by quite a margin.

And in 2016,

You are seriously missing out if you've not considered Mobile Marketing as part of your marketing mix. Your prospects expect to easily find useful, current, and relevant information at the tap or swap of a mobile device. Global Web Index predicts that mobile usage will exceed the usage of all other devices combined by 2018.

To reach, gratify, and please your potential audience, you need to change to a mobile-first advertising strategy.

Mobile Marketing is the now; so how do you cope?


Change is ever unsettling

How do you move from a desktop-centric advertising strategy to one that is structured to accommodate mobile? The fundamental answer lies in understanding what makes users on mobile devices tick. The mobile experience is totally different from the PC one. Where does the mobile audience spend most of their time? The answer is almost unanimous on “social media apps.”

Next question.

Which Mobile Applications are rocking the mobile world? Instagram, Snapchat, and texting apps are killing it. And that means concentrating most of your effort on these apps. However, Mobile Marketing goes way beyond knowing what media trends are currently hot. It includes creating truly localised and personalised experiences.

As we move deeper into 2016, businesses should start thinking of creating human experiences delivered on mobile devices. These experiences are what makes the consumer feel truly cared for, which in turn will result in higher engagement and higher conversion rates.

If you want to truly connect with customers and prospects on mobile, you must consider offering an experience beyond just optimising your website for mobile. You should consider having a dedicated app for your customers.
Having an app for your business not only lets your customers contact you and find the information they are looking for instantly, but also gives you an instant SEO boost as Google will index and return your app in search results pages.

Transform Your Customer's Buying Cycle with Mobile Commerce


Talk of Mobile Commerce is already huge and it continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. In fact, you cannot afford to talk about mobile marketing without talking about mobile commerce.

If you are marketing on mobile, you'll want your customers to complete the purchase without unnecessarily having to change devices, which is where m-commerce comes in.

Unfortunately, despite the huge talk about mobile commerce, a lot of businesses are still yet to tap into the full power of it.

This is clearly evident from the 97% rate of cart abandonment for shoppers on mobile devices. It means that a lot of businesses are not optimising their checkout process for mobile devices. In order to encourage shoppers to finalise their purchases on mobile, you need to have a clearly defined m-commerce strategy.

What is M-Commerce?

At its most basic, m-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services via mobile devices. The purchase process can occur on a mobile-optimised website, through an app, or using a USSD code.
While the adoption of m-commerce has been a little slow and lackluster over the years, we believe that the current shift and emphasis on mobile marketing will revolutionise the way you think about m-commerce.

You are probably familiar with Instagram's “Shop Now” button and Pinterest's “Buyable Pins.” Such trends are slowly walking towards merging the web, social media, and e-commerce.

What is your business doing to take advantage of Mobile Marketing trends?

ETRAFFIC has been at the forefront of the mobile-first campaign. Our mission is to help you increase conversions, sales, customer engagement, ROI, and productivity.


Is your business ready to dive into mobile marketing? Well, we are ready to help.

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