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Google My Business

Google My Business is a dynamic tool that helps companies attract clients easier and faster than ever before.

Rank Higher With An Optimised Google My Business Page

While Google AdWords can easily be missed by customers searching frantically for service providers, it is impossible to miss a picture on the right side of your screen, showing an appealing façade, with contact details, a map and positive reviews. Read more

Why Choose Our Google My Business SEO Campaign?

  • ETRAFFIC is a professional SEO Agency offering a full range of digital marketing solutions, so adding GMB allows us to improve your marketing and therefore maximise your investment.
  • You get a dedicated marketing manager, who will take the time to learn about your business and understand the best strategies for you.
  • Our set-up and management fees are highly competitive, in order to give small and medium businesses a fighting chance
  • We don’t rope you into a long contract. We prove our value, month after month
  • We can develop multi-faceted strategies to help improve not just your GMB page, but your website and social media pages too
  • We will clean up all your directory listings to ensure you have a strong, consistent and accurate presence on the internet – misleading information affects your GMB ranking.
  • Our PR Team will help manage your reviews, so that even negative reviews can be turned into wins for your organisation
  • We share knowledge – you are great at what you do and we are too. We want to let you in on some tradecraft to help you learn more about the digital marketing process
  • We have a well-rounded team of Local SEO experts, marketers, writers, social media managers and everything else you can think of to ensure your company’s continued success
google my business seo

Google My Business Packages

With our GMB package comes our social media integration for Google+. While you may choose to allow us to manage your social media platforms, Google+ is part of the deal, so you don’t pay any extra for it. Having all your Google related platforms working together is the best way to boost your rankings considerably and make your web presence consistent, which is one thing Google adheres to strictly.
Google My Business

Our Google My Business Optimisation Process

  • 1 Understand your business – the first thing we do is get to know your business intimately. We want to know the types of clients you have and the ones you are trying to attract. We want to learn everything that makes your company unique. This will be accomplished through the marketing manager assigned to you.
  • 2 Claim your listing – most companies already have a GMB page. The problems is, many of these are unclaimed, or have been claimed by a different company. Our first priority therefore, will be to claim or reclaim your listing, whichever is needed.
  • 3 Create your page – the next step would be to create your page and make sure the same information is consistent in your Google Maps listing and your Google+ page. Besides making sure your contact information is accurate, we will also carefully select the right pictures for you and write posts that showcase your strengths.
  • 4 Get reviews and references – we will encourage your Google+ followers to leave reviews on your page and also contact authoritative sites and ask them to do the same.
  • 5 Ensure web-listing consistency – we will make sure your business information is listed correctly on all major authoritative sites, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages and Foursquare.

How To Get Your Verified Listing on Google My Business

The popularity of Google My Business is growing. Get in ahead of the crowd by getting your page established early by a team with a proven track record. For many businesses, the benefits of a Google My Business Page are immediate, especially when few other businesses in the area have verified pages. We want to make sure your business gets every opportunity to grow into what you envision it to be. Ready to perfect your digital marketing? Sign up now for our Google My Business package.
Google My Business Optimisation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my GMB page has been claimed by someone else?

There are different ways to prove ownership of a business and get your listing back. We will show you what to do and whom to contact to reclaim your page.

Can my GMB page rank in a city I don’t have a location in?

A physical store and a local phone number is needed to prove you have a business in a certain city. If you don’t have a location in a particular city but want to come up in local searches, we can work on your SEO to accommodate that need.

Can you guarantee a top three listing?

As with all things related to SEO, there can be no truthful guarantees. What we do is give you the greatest possibility of success, and keep working on your keywords and website to get you higher up that list. You will see your ranking improve and your visibility increase. As mentioned previously, getting in early is the ideal way of getting in the top three.

How long will it take for me to start benefitting from my GMB page?

Some clients have had immediate impact within a few weeks, but this is a long-term strategy, so it takes on average 3-8 months. This will depend on your location, your other digital marketing strategies and a few other factors.

Does my business have to be in Australia?

ETRAFFIC works with clients all over the world. There may be some restrictions to what we can do depending on your location, but our savvy team will always provide you the best solution attainable.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Our customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you might have, but you will have your own dedicated GMB specialist to work with any time of day.