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Search Engine Optimisation

More popularly known as SEO, it is the process of improving/strengthening the visibility of your website in the World Wide Web through natural or organic techniques.

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PPC Management

Being a Google AdWords Certified Partner, eTraffic Web Marketing has the team of PPC experts accomplished with extensive AdWords knowledge to assist you managing your PPC campaigns.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is also a form of internet marketing that utilises on-page and off-page optimisation and paid advertising to strengthen your website’s visibility in search engine results pages.

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Social Media Optimisation

Social media certainly is a great platform that businesses can use to market their products and services online.

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Reputation Management

We understand the extreme importance of keeping a good reputation for your business. The same principle should be applied online, it’s important to have a positive image in the World Wide Web.

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Video Optimisation/Production

Video production and optimisation is one of the latest and most effective internet marketing strategies that we use here at eTraffic. We use YouTube as the platform for our online marketing video.

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Local SEO

Obtain special attention for your website & engage the best customers using Geographic location targeting with a key marketing service in local SEO. Our experts will plan out special marketing strategy to hit your local market.

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SEO Link building

Link Building is yet a crucial SEO technique. We have a team of expert link builders who have worked in unique industries and learned which techniques work. We believe in only ethical practices.

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eCommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce website is certainly different. It is more than optimising category and product pages. Our eCommerce SEO Professionals are able to place your website ahead than your competitors’ websites.

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Digital PR

Digital PR is the key to improve your online visibility and build your brand’s reputation through specialised SEO, content management and social media management.

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eTraffic Web Marketing is your ideal partner in boosting your business through the unlimited potential offered by the internet.

Find out how web marketing services can grow your business and start beating your competitors.Our Google partner team will educate you and share insights around how website marketing will benefit your business.

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