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Our Vision & Mission

"We are a company that focuses internally to educate, motivate and inspire like-minded entrepreneurs to create a lifestyle full of passion and purpose."

Humble Beginnings

Can you imagine trying to build a Creative Agency without a website, portfolio, or contacts?

Yes, it was crazy, however, we had big dreams and the drive to do whatever it took to make them come true.

The ETRAFFIC journey began several years ago with just two mates who wanted to build something special. The two of us had been close friends since high school, and we shared the same vision – to help businesses grow by offering websites that are:

  • image-nameCustom Made
  • image-namePersonalised
  • image-nameIncredible

One of the first costly lessons we learned was that no software program could design or build a website that we wanted to put our name on! This lesson cost us $15,000.00 but it was a lesson learned, and one which would shape the course of our company's future.

One of our better ideas was to source professional web designers and developers to help create a strong portfolio and establish a firm client base. This turned out to be a very good move on our part.

Laser Focus

During our second year in business, we realised that building ETRAFFIC the right

way meant attracting the right people. We knew the best way to ensure sustainable and profitable growth was to find talented people who were laser-focused on their craft. So we looked for individuals who shared both our passion and vision. During that time we built a solid network of highly skilled professionals which enabled us to offer our clients innovative solutions.

As our gifted team grew our business flourished

and we were soon able to expand our services to include







When both our company and client base doubled in size every year, we knew we'd found a winning formula.

We are now able to deliver far more complex digital solutions than we could in our early days and have hundreds of happy clients which we value.

The Future of ETRAFFIC

Although you'd hardly recognise ETRAFFIC today,

due to the way we have evolved since we started, one thing that hasn’t changed is our unswerving dedication to deliver an incredible client experience.

We have huge goals – including becoming #1 in our industry – and from where we sit today, it’s only a matter of time before we see those goals reached.

  • ETRAFFIC | Digital Marketing Agency
  • ETRAFFIC | Digital Marketing Agency
  • ETRAFFIC | Digital Marketing Agency
  • ETRAFFIC | Digital Marketing Agency
  • ETRAFFIC | Digital Marketing Agency ETRAFFIC | Digital Marketing Agency

If you've been looking for an agency that will roll up their sleeves and come alongside

you, laboring diligently to improve your business and make things happen like never before, you've just found it.

We won't settle for "good enough" when it comes to serving our clients.

We'll continue to build on the principles and strategies that took us from humble beginnings to true contenders in our industry with a commitment to excellence second to none.

eTraffic is more than just an agency offering top quality products and services.

We are devoted to delivering holistic, long-term solutions which cause organic growth that exceeds expectations.

eTraffic has achieved a lot so far, and although we are proud of our accomplishments,

we've only just begun. We may be a Melbourne-based creative agency, but we consider ourselves a growing global family working together to produce something great, and make the world a better place.

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